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Mr. President’s Girl video project underway!

on September 10, 2012


*Many thanks to The Even more Fabulous Mother Love & Harmony Bailey for being a part of our video shoot to raise funds for the Mr. President’s Girl video project.  Man oh man, with a First Lady as awesome as Michelle Obama and a song as cool as this, you’d think we’d  be all over the charts right now.  Well we know the love is there, we just have to grow our team and increase our efforts to raise awareness of this message in song!  Please view our video at Indie GoGo and keep in mind that we have a mission to help promote amazing women everywhere.

So if you’re new to our site, take a moment to read the past posts and then click on the links of the other awesome business women here.  It is not all about me.  This is for all women who are FIRST, Fascinating, Intelligent, Stylish, Realistic and Tenacious.  To be a First Lady, you have to be a lady FIRST!

Mother Love and Harmony Bailey you are First Ladies indeed!  (special thanks to co-writer Willie Daniels and producer Michael Wells of  

Love & blessings to you all!  Get out the vote! And try to keep your cool, while voicing your choice!

Jazzy Rita



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