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Mother Love loves Mr. President’s Girl by Jazzy Rita Shelby

on May 28, 2012


*Our voice just got bigger, our mission just got stronger!  The even more fabulous Mother Love welcomed me on her show to talk about the Lady FIRST Campaign and “Mr. President’s Girl,” the new song celebrating our First Lady Obama and amazing women everywhere.  Mother Love is just that, a BUNDLE of love! Check out her fabulous radio show at  My interview from May 24, 2012 is archived at the website also.  She’s on the air Mon-Fri 2-4pm Pacific time.

Congrats to the President and First Lady Michelle Obama for announcing the launch of Veterans & Military Familes for Obama.

Week’s ago People Magazine voted the First Lady as one of the Most Beautiful Women in the World. Time Magazine’s ranked her among the Top 100 Fashion Icons!!   

The Lady FIRST Campaign continues to thank ladies such as the awesome Ida Carter, Shelia Baker (Los Angeles), Jacqueline C. (Memphis), Danita Walker (Washington, D. C.), Delia Keon (host of Pillow Talk on the LMB Network), Sharon Jaye (programmer at KAZI, Austin TX) and our Official Voice of Inspiration, Meme Kelly. Ladies, if you haven’t joined us, WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!  Letters have gone out to major organizations.

Hello and welcome if you’re here for the first time! I am LaRita “Jazzy Rita” Shelby, the co-writer of the new song Mr. President’s Girl and the creator of the Lady FIRST campaign.  We are still plugging away to get the news out about this good will mission to show love & support for our First Lady Michelle Obama.

The song also celebrates this defining moment in history, and promotes comeraderie among women. We seek to empower women to be first in their own lives and to encourage them to continue to be (FIRST) Fascinating, Intelligent, Realistic, Stylish and Tenacious in all that they do.

There are only a few requirements to join us.

1. Click here to download or hear a sample of Mr. President’s Girl!

2. Tell your friends about it and click the share button.

3. Leave a comment.

4. Subscribe to our blog.

5. Visit our list of supporters. (CD’s and a video will be coming soon.)

You may also download the song here!

We want to reach at least 10,000 women per week with this song & message!

We’d also love it if you repost this blog to Facebook or Twitter.  Follow me @RitaShelby.

Mr. President’s Girl is co-written by wonderful Willie Daniels and produced by Michael Wells of Wishing Well Studios!  Thank you one and all! 

Jazzy Rita Shelby (a former Memphian) is an Official Spokesperson for the Women’s Theatre Festival of Memphis!

Special thanks to our Lady FIRST A-Team, Gail Gibson Bronson, CEO of MyLoveable, The Official Hoisery of Jazzy Rita’s Lady FIRST Campaign. 

Jill-Marie Carre’, President of Chocolats du CaliBressan, Official Chocolates of Jazzy Rita’s Lady FIRST Campaign. 

Latwania Neasman, The Official Shoe Diva of Jazzy Rita’s Lady FIRST Campaign, Ms. Smoothahead Ms. Smoothahead Linda Morgan, Official Jazz Legacy Preservationist.

Valissa Johnson, Official Retired Diva from the Justice Department. We also have Poet Roni Girl, Official Poet of the Lady First Campaign, and Air Force Technical Sergeant Brenda Joyce Cammons, Official Military Veteran of Jazzy Rita’s Lady FIRST campaign. Additionally we have the support of The Sista Girl Network, Girls Who Brunch and others are joining us each day! We also want to thank Lady Charmaine and welcome her to the Lady FIRST Campaign. Hear Lady Charmaine daily on

For more on me or my other music visit Follow me @RitaShelby on Twitter. We’re looking for bloggers! Please email me at Thanks so much!!


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